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Tyler B. Spotlight

Photo Courtesy of A. Ferzley
Tyler B. Spotlight

This week’s USC Sumter eSports spotlight is on Tyler Burk, a freshman, who is currently ranked in Silver on the League of Legend (LoL) team. He is described by his teammates as charismatic and funny. Tyler stands out as a player because he is a quick learner and very skillful when it comes to gaming. “Tyler is always asking questions and learning how to get better. He isn’t stubborn, and his willingness to learn and not be a 'know it all' is a pleasure to be around,” says Clark McDaniel, the LoL team captain. He has only been playing for three months and has already claimed a spot on the team as a starter. Despite his talent, he is quite humble saying, “there is definitely space for improvement” when talking about his experience. “I think if the timing was right and Tyler could continue his practice and devote his time, he could be solo/duo Platinum by the end of the season 8,” says Kris Weissmann, the Director of eSports. Tyler Burk embodies commitment, focus, and dedication; he is USC Sumter’s eSports spotlight of the week.

By Brandy Del Río,

eSports Media Editor