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The HearthStone Trio

Photo Courtesy of K. Weissman
HearthStone in Action!

When the HearthStone team started in the summer of 2017, there were many people interested in the game and many who played. As the Fall semester began, the team narrowed down to three young men: Nick Skoler, Trevor Brown, and Doug Elivington.  These three players were the most dedicated to the game and the team.  They all share an interesting connection; Trevor and Nick are best friends and Doug is best friends with Nick’s older brother.  As they trained during the Fall, they all increased their knowledge and skill in the game.  Bittersweet though, Doug graduated in December making him unable to continue with the team. Nick and Trevor were left to carry on and find a newcomer among the ranks.

We caught up with Nick and Trevor in the Student Union Building where they were playing a game of ping-pong. Here we asked the first question. Who was the first one to become interested in Hearthstone? There was slight confusion, but after a little debate, they came to an agreement that Trevor was the first one to show interest in the game. After the fairly competitive ping-pong game, we sat down with the whole Hearthstone team. The team now consists of three players. Adding to the team is Clark McDaniel, who is relatively new to HearthStone.  Trevor jokingly stated, “We kinda forced him to join us.” Clark then continued to explain that he had been playing Hearthstone for a while and “Coach [eSports Director and founder Kris Weissmann] was like ‘With Doug gone, we need another player to step-up. They need three,’ so I said sign me up.” And so, two became a trio.

Currently, Clark is ranked 18, Trevor is ranked 9, and Nick is ranked 8. Rankings work on a ladder system in Hearthstone, on a 25-1 scale, then a legend scale. The lower your number, the higher you are in rank. We asked the team what the highest rank they ever achieved was.  Nick had the highest at rank 3, with Trevor not too far behind at rank 5.

HearthStone has many new card updates and every season something new happens. We asked who gets the most excited when a new season starts.  Right away, Trevor answered, “Nick does. He always keeps up with new cards right when they come out.” HearthStone has an array of decks that can be played, so we asked the team what their favorites were. Clark likes to play Hunter deck saying, “I like the idea of having animal companions”. Nick’s deck of choice is Exodia Mage; he likes to play it because it is a difficult deck to play. Trevor’s favorite is Jade Druid, which he has been playing since he started HearthStone.

HearthStone is undergoing some changes soon with a new update. Players will not fall as far in ‘the ladder’ as they have in past. This will reward players that have climbed high in rank, and now they will be competing against similarly ranked opponents once a new season starts. This helps separate new players and seasoned players for the beginning season climb. Our current team seems to like the upcoming changes. “I’ve noticed the team discussing excitement about the upcoming changes. They seem to like that they won’t drop as far in rank,” says Kris Weissmann.

To further the excitement, the Hearthstone team has just started their new season through TESPA and the NACE. The team expressed, “We have been practicing for this opportunity. We practice by watching each other play, play against each other, watching VODs, and it seems to give us an idea of how someone else will play the game. We also monitor the changing meta every day. The coaches harp on that.” The HearthStone team won their first two matches, which put them on a good start this season. Unfortunately, they lost a close match last night. Currently, they are 2-1 in their matches and 8-5 in their games.

The team plays again tonight at 9PM.  

Check out the stats for that game and the rest of the season at https://compete.tespa.org/tournament/98/phase/1.


By Makayla Newell and Kimberly Mosquero